The Southern Corridor High Speed Rail – Phase 2A Project

The Southern Corridor High Speed Rail – Phase 2A Project: Civil & Engineering Consultant Services

High-speed train between Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is as a catalyst to accelerate the attainment of our economic goals. As such, it complements and accelerates existing national, corridor and state development plans. The key project parameter of the network infrastructure would be a double-track standard-gauge electrified line with maximum operating speed of 160 km/h within urban areas and 300 km/h elsewhere. Phase 2A will review the feasibility Study and engage with relevant agencies to identify an optimum route alignment, revision of preliminary design and cost estimate.

Detail Description of Actual Services Provided:

  • Inter-Government Agreement
    • Provide Technical support to Malaysian Government during negotiation with Singapore.
    • Provide technical support on design to fully comply with DEIA, Railway, Scheme, requirement by stakeholders, and appropriately reflected in the tender documents.
    • Provide technical support on cross-border issues, CIQ design option and costing.
  • Land Acquisition
    • Detailed fixation of alignment and fixed corridor for construction
    • Summary table of all plots to be acquired, a detailed description and valuation for each plot
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
  • Preparation of Tender Package Documents (RFQ&RFP)
  • Technical Support in Relation to stakeholder engagement exercises involving land and civil engineering matters