About Us


MTransport Consult Sdn Bhd has an impressive resume of over 70 transport studies for road, rail, airport and port projects, both in Malaysia and internationally, and demonstrates expertise in all types of transportation studies from the national level to Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA) for development. Our scope of work includes the National Transport Policy and Strategy Study that included roads, airports and railways; the National Airport Master Plan; the National Axle Load Study; and the Railway Transport Master Plan Study for Sabah. We have also conducted feasibility studies for various LRT lines, such as the Feasibility Study for the Proposed LRT New Lines (Kota Damansara – Central Business District – Cheras); and the Railway Transport Master Plan Study for Sabah.

One of our notable projects include the National Transport Policy and Strategy Study (2002), which was the first corridor analysis for the major transport corridors in Malaysia, that used a holistic analysis of the various modes of transport both for passenger and train. The Company’s professionals assisted in reviewing previous studies, defining policy issues, conducting macro-economic studies, traffic forecasting of rail, road, ports and airport demand, financial modelling, tariff reviews, urban transport, East Malaysia transportation issues and recommendations.

Among our iconic projects is the Putrajaya Transportation Master Plan. The services rendered for this project included overall master planning of arrangements of road networks and rail transit systems, detailed traffic study of existing scenario, analysis and forecasting, analyzing and evaluating the extent of feasibility concepts to acceptable levels of performance and good engineering practice, design criteria and parameters, estimation of construction costs and financial evaluation as well as preparation of project development phasing schedules.

We have also conducted highway feasibility studies, as well as the National Axle Load Study; completed 80% of the major highways in Putrajaya; and implemented the first precast flyover  project at KL Sentral, Malaysia.